Music, empower

 jazgotSongs on the album: 

World without borders
Music, empower
Memento mori
Carpathian dream
Bemused by a music
Near to Hradiště
Beautiful world
Water table
The Beskids boys
Macedonian girl

A new record by Jazgot is an album where you can listen to modernly arranged folk music and original compositions. Hungarian, Romanian and gipsy music inspirations add the band’s sound colour. There are such songs as „Przestroga” or „Śleboda” – music and philosophical Podhale DNA, elevated, highland reflection which is present in the lyrics and in the referred poem of a Podhale hero, the founder of Konfederacja Tarzańska, Augustyn Suski. There is also a song – credo- on the record „Music, empower”, with its Balkan rhythm it can move each soul to dance, and there is also „Makedonsko Devojče”, a folk standard, performed by many masters, but here unusual because this longing Macedonian note is multiplied by highland longing.
The central theme of the record is a passion for music and joy of creating it, which, undoubtedly, thanks to the new Jazgot record can be shared with listeners.Team:
Andrzej Jarząbek “Fiś” – producer, violin, vocal
Jan Trebunia – Tutka – voila, vocal
Andrzej Polak – violin, vocal
Robert Czech – dulcimer, double bass
Szymon Bobrowski – trumpet
Józef Dorula – accordion, vocal
Special quest: Daniel Kaczmarczyk (Dikanda band) –percussion instrumentsRealization: Wojciech Przybylski, Michał Wasyl.
Sound producer: Wojciech Przybylski.Special thanks to our friend and author of title song: Mirosław Kowalik.

Christmas with JazGot

 swieta_z_jazgotem_plyta_okladka350Songs on the album:The best news
Wonders of all wonders
Great Joy »
In a Christmas time
On a pasture land
Sleep my baby sleep »
The time of glory
A sleeping baby
I choose and I don’t know »
My thoughts with you »
Baby in the cradle  
My verge of consciousness »
Angels in heaven
It is nearer from mountains to heaven for mountaineers – that is why they treat divine topics more often and readily, and carolling is not an empty tradition for them.
JazGot band: Jan Trebunia-Tutka, Andrzej Jarząbek, Robert Czech i Andrzej Polak are such real mountaineers who, when they want to say something, sing and play (violins are one of the most obvious tools of communication in the mountains).
Their music is passionate, flavoured with inspirations, which proves that the music comes from the heart (passionate maybe because it is nearer from the mountains to Budapest than to Warsaw).
„Christmas with Jazgot”” is a collection of pastorals which are compositions where the Bible content is enriched by moral threads and personal reflections.
The authors of these reflections are Mirosław Kowalik, (the producer of the record), Jan Trebunia-Tutka, Izabela Domańska-Kowalik.
Mirosław Kowalik, Andrzej Jarząbek, Jan Trebunia-Tutka composed the music.
Anna Trebunia-Wyrostek, Eugeniu Didic (Moldavia), Thomas Celis Sanchez (Mexico) are music guests who also appeared on this Christmas album.
Wojciech Przybylski, a sound producer, finished the record creative work.
This record is a follow-up cooperation of the musicians whose first album “Mountains in the heart” appeared in November 2010 and was nominated to a music award Frederyk in 2011 in the category of  “Album of the Year Folk/Word Music.JazGot band team:Jan Trebunia – Tutka
He comes from a musical family living in the Tatra Mountains, Trebunie Tutki, well- known not only among mountain folklore lovers. He was brought up in Biały Dunajec where he had a lot of opportunities to listen to Tatra Mountain musicians. Masters in Artistic Secondary School in Zakopane taught him violin-making craft. His another passion, apart from playing the violin, is designing clothes and that is why he graduated from Artistic School of Designing Garment in Cracow. He is famous not only for playing a self-made violin but he also performs wearing clothes designed by himself, with a traditional heart-shaped pattern (parzenica) that he has embroidered himself, too. As it was written on Trójka radio web site, Jan would be able to trigger an avalanche with his voice. Those who have had an opportunity to listen to him singing live know about it very well.Andrzej Jarząbek
He used to play in „Siwy Dym” band from Rabka. Nowadays he also cooperates with Hania Rybka and „Dikanda” band. He is a co-founder of „JazGot” band and a co-producer of “Christmas with JazGot” record. He is an extremely talented violinist.Andrzej Polak
One of the most well-known middle generation Tatra Mountain violinists, he comes from Biały Dunajec. He is a laureate of a lot of contests and festivals and he is a co-author of several phonographic publications. Władysław Trebunia-Tutka has taught him to play the violin himself. He has been teaching playing the violine in Communal Culture Centre in Biały Dunajec since 2006.Robert Czech
He is one of few musicians in the Tatra Mountains who can play the Hungarian dulcimer. He sings and plays the dulcimer in „Hajlandery” band famous for Carpathian music. He, playing this musical instrument, can be also heard on “Mountains in the heart” record.  He also plays the contrabass with great fluency.

Mountains in the heart

gory_w_sercu_plyta_okladka2_350Songs on the album:
Mountains in the heart 
Spend a life with dignity
On piano keys 
Melody faithful itself
Words to a neighbour
Don’t wait
On the way
A pleasant conversation
Political tune
The thought of gold
Love like love 
In my life
I am and I don’t know 
Take with you
„Mountains in the heart” is a record that as its source  in folk music.  It is also an album with message.  The lyrics and thoughts of a man who struggles with live deriving strenght from the „top”, which is a relation with a God. The lyrics are suggestion of a certain of lifestyle that is based on honesty, trust, the truth and openness towards  another man.
Superb musicans have taken part in the recording this album.
Jan Trebunia – Tutka comes from a well known, not only in Poland, musical family. („In Sherwood”, a record which has been created in cooperation with Trebunias and Adrian Sherwood, The Twinkle Brothers, an African Head Charge and Kinior, has been voted the third album of a decade World Music Charges Europe EBU; and „Higer Heights” – the record of March ’93 according to „VOX” In Great Britain and TOP 25 ALBUM LIST – Winter & Spring ’93 in Canada).
Wladyslaw Trebunia – Tutka and Anna Trebunia – Wyrostek appeared on the record „Mountains in the heart”. The author of the lyrics and music, the music producer, the bass and the progenitor of the whole enterprise is Miroslaw Kowalik.
Marcin Pospieszalski whose appearance on a record always quarantees excellent quality has introduced a lot of arrangment solutions. Music of Polish mountains perfectly resounds here here thanks to JazGot group togehter with sounds of Eugeniu Didica’s Balkan trumpet and Thomas Celis Sanchez’s Mexican percussion instruments. „Mountains in the heart” has been accomplished musiclay by one of Polish masters of this domain Wojciech Przybylski.
This record was nominated to the Top Polish music aword „Fryderyk” as one of the best albums 2010 in a category „World Music”.

O Jazgocie

Jazgot to zespół, który łączy w niezwykły sposób tradycję i nowoczesność. To, co najlepsze w muzyce płynącej inspiracjami od rzeki Biały Dunajec po rzekę Dunaj, podane jest w sposób, który nikogo nie pozostawia obojętnym.
To muzyka prezentowana przez artystów, którzy opanowali sztukę grania na swoich instrumentach tak dalece, że stać ich w równym stopniu na wirtuozerię i zabawę dźwiękiem.
Jazgot to zgrany zespół w stałym składzie, któremu towarzyszy grono zaprzyjaźnionych muzyków. Można więc powiedzieć, że jest to już prawdziwie wielka w składzie i w formie - orkiestra.